Travelling to Copenhagen on a Budget

You have probably heard about the many amazing tourist attractions in Copenhagen and the friendly people. That is why you want to go there and see things yourself. But, if you are like other travellers, you may be going there on a budget. That is why you want to find the most affordable Copenhagen vacation rentals and know how to save more money from there. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a fortune to explore this beautify Danish city. Here’s how to go about your travel in the capital on a budget:

Museums and Gallerieshotel

A number of museums in the city have free entry on some days of the week. For instance, the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek gallery is free on Sundays, the Royal Danish Naval Museum on Wednesday,s and the Museum of Copenhagen on Fridays. Other museums such as the David Collection of Islamic art and the Post and Telegraph Museum are free all the time.

If you want to visit plenty of museums in the city, secure a discount card. The Copenhagen Card covers 86 attractions while the Parkmuseerne ticket offers entry to 6 museums.

Top City Views

Visiting the highest viewpoints of Copenhagen will let you see all the way to Sweden. The Christiansborg Palace’s Tårnet tower is the tallest viewpoint with the City Hall being the second. It is free to visit the tallest viewpoint which tends to be closed only on Mondays. If you think, it’s too much to walk up those steps, go to the top of the Rundetårn or Round Tower. This tower has a spiral ramp at the top rather than stairs.

Where to Go for Budget Food and Drinks

In case you prefer self-catering in Copenhagen, visit Aldi, Fakta, or Netto supermarkets for discount groceries. If you want to enjoy a Wienerbrød for breakfast, go to a bakery. To get a quick snack, choose from the many stalls that sell hotdogs topped with onions or grab a Smørrebrød if you want to have a traditional snack.

Copenhagen Street Food has plenty of international street food stalls, coffee stalls, and bars. You may get options starting at 50 DKK to 75 DKK. If you prefer a drink by the Nyhavn canals, think about purchasing takeaway drinks from a supermarket and enjoy the time drinking while sitting along the edge of the water.

Copenhagen Transport

Because central Copenhagen is compact, you can easily walk around. The Visitor Centre offers a free map. One of the best ways to see the capital is from the water. Use your Copenhagen Cart to get a free boat trip. But, you can also have the cheapest canal trip on the Movia Harbour Bus.

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