What to Expect from a Mekong River Cruise and Tour

The Mekong River is the world’s 12th biggest river. For any traveller, this should be enough reason to include a cruise in the river in their bucket list. Mekong River has the secrets of a lot of ancient civilizations on the planet. Here’s why travellers decide to travel on this river:

Explore Customs and Culture

The Great Mekong River serves many countries at once such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and China. While travelling through all countries on a trip is not easy, you can explore up to two countries in just five to seven days by embarking on Mekong river cruises and tours. This allows you to discover old fishing and handicraft villages. Also, you will come across unique destinations on the river. For instance, you can stop at a floating market or visit a remove Cambodian silk island.

Try Out Delicious Dishes

Customs and culture are not the only things which attract travellers from across the world. This is because food lovers may want to try as many dishes as possible. Cruise ships will have an on-board restaurant but you can also try out authentic food vendors on land. This assures you of a culinary heaven on your cruise.

Find Interesting Local Products

Business centers are located in the region’s huge cities that provide the contemporary need for citizens. But, tourists will want local products. One of the best things about a Mekong River cruise is that it allows you to visit the origin of these local products. While on the cruise, you will come across remote workshops, factories, homes, and local stores. For instance, you can buy banana or coconut candies and coconut handicrafts in Mekong Delta.

Get Closer to Nature

The majority of Mekong River’s surrounding is swamp, forests and remote villages which offer habitat for various animals and plants. This makes the river cruise the perfect opportunity to explore the rich ecosystem and get closer to nature. If you want to reach a certain market or village, you may need to travel on a boat. This gives you the chance to encounter groups of wandering animals you can take a great photo of.

Have a Unique Experience

While a big cruise across the seal can take you to places around the world, cruising on a river is a unique experience you should try. Since the Mekong River cruise takes you to a couple of countries, you can contemplate both cultures in one go.  Also, you can see the transitions between the two countries’ nature.

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